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This is a website where you can find piano accompaniments for various classical pieces. Accompaniment for a solo instrument is very important and every soloist must know it well in order to interpret his solo melody well.
Piano accompaniment for the following instruments: Violin, Flute, Drums, Trumpet, Clarinet, French Horn, Oboe, Trombone, Cello, Tuba, Saxophone, Bassoon, Xylophone



Welcome to our website. Our website is of importance to all those involved in classical music. Whether it's students, teachers or schools. You can learn more about piano accompaniment in our blogs. We try to write them as often as possible. So that you have a better idea of ​​us. First of all, we look after our customers individually. But every lesson is visible to every member.

For new customers:

Before choosing a price plan. Can we create a lesson for you that you need. Just tell us which ones you need and let us convince you! We have about 100 piano accompaniments at the moment and we are growing every day. If you need a piano accompaniment for your instrument, then we welcome you

Marjetka and Tomas

Musik Klasse


As a music teacher, it is my pleasure to see students become more interested for learning



Very satisfied. Had no problems. Good cooperation, I can only recommend



When we were students, we started working on my lessons, my piano accompaniment for my instrument, the clarinet. I am very satisfied with the communication. As a student you can't always afford an accompanist. That's the best solution for me


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