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Terms And Conditions

Article 1

Portal services Administrator, the brand name of the company MT STUDIO, TOMAS URBANIČ RUDOLF s.p. almost all services marketed under this brand name, in particular:

  • piano accompaniment,

  • music events and lessions

The administrator and related services is the company MT STUDIO, TOMAS URBANIČ RUDOLF s.p. , Plitvica 11B, 9253 Apače, with tax number 17621984

The service provider on the portal is any legal entity that has ordered a service from the provider via the Internet pages or by any other written means (hereafter reffered as the provider).

A service requester on the portal is any legal or natural person who uses services of submitting requests on the portal (hereafter reffer as the requester).

Article 2

The terms and conditions and use of the services are mandatory for all demanders, providers and service administrators. The General Terms and Conditions together with the executed order of the services via the websites of the administrator are deemed to be the conclusion of a contract between the provider, the customer and the administrator. If the Administrator and the Provider enter into a written agreement, the terms of the written agreement take precedence over the GTC. For all provisions that are not governed by these GTC, are reasonable in accordance with the Obligations Code, E-Commerce Act and Signature Act and Consumer Protection Act.

Article 3

The administrator and the provider resolve all disputes amicably. Otherwise, disputes are resolved by the court with substantive jurisdiction.

Article 4 

In order to ensure compliance with current legislation and internal business procedures, the Service Administrator reserves the right to amend the provisions of the GTC at any time and without prior notice to Customers and Providers. The date of publication on the pages of counts for the date of modification. Providers will be notified of any changes to the GTC via their e-mail address. If the administrator does not receive a written objection within 15 days, the provider will be deemed to have agreed to the changes.

Article 5 

The Internet portal is the copyright of the administrator and the property rights belong to him. Any reproduction and production without the permission of the provider is prohibited. Piano accompaniments are copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed. In case of violation of our terms, we will initiate criminal proceedings against the violator.

Administrator and Provider are obligated for any reason to pass on information relating to the Recipient, Provider or Administrator, respectively. Other persons associated with them, unless authorised in advance by persons in charge or authorised to do so.

The company MT STUDIO, TOMAS URBANIČ RUDOLF s.p. takes advantage of a third party in providing the software and hardware, network, disk storage and related technologies necessary to perform the Services.

Loading or publishing harmful documents, e-mails or unwanted files that may contain a virus on the portal is not allowed.

Intentional transfer of viruses or any destructive code into the application or into the program. Services of the administrator is also not allowed.

In the event of a breach of any Terms of Service item, we may immediately terminate your account and remove all data without prior notice and without refund or compensation. without reimbursement of the costs incurred in providing the services.

If it turns out that the causer is responsible for intentional or unintentional causing of damage, he is liable to the administrator with compensation. The minimum amount of damages for intentional distribution of the destructive code is 35,000 EUR + VAT. and additionally includes coverage of all costs connected with the restoration of the Administrator’s services and his entire loss of wages from the day of causing the damage.

Prices and conditions  

Article 6

All prices on the Internet pages are in EURO (€) and include already legally determined value added tax, except in cases where it is regulated differently. If a specific service is not listed on the Administrator’s website, the provider may obtain it upon written request.

Article 7

The current price list is published on the Internet pages and may change for the coming billing period without prior notice. For the date of change, the date of publication on the Internet pages counts. The Administrator shall not be liable to the Provider or any third party for any corrections, changes in prices or discontinued services. For existing providers who already have an existing subscription on the portal, the prices do not change, except in the event that the price is lower or that the price is higher. if you want to change the existing package. The price list can also be sent to the suppliers via e-mail

Article 8

The monthly subscription is automatically renewed until canceled. Payment is made using the payment method specified in Registration.

On the website is managed by the provider with all subscriptions that he has concluded on the portal Under the tab “Subscription” the provider can cancel his subscription to the services. Access to managing your own subscriptions on the portal is possible with the registration username and password.

In the event of non-payment of the monthly subscription, the Administrator has the right to immediately terminate the supply of all services to the Provider. The user account is deleted without warning. Services have to be ordered once again for the new start. In this case, the Administrator shall not be liable for the actual economic loss of the Provider or for the damage incurred by the Provider or for the loss incurred by the Provider. for lost data in connection with the user account setting. The provider undertakes to also assume the costs incurred by the reactivation of the services.

Duration and termination of contract 

Article 9

The ordering of the services applies to any order that the provider communicates to the administrator in written, electronic or oral form. In the event that the provider does not ask for feedback about the price of the service, he is familiar with the current price list.

Article 10

For the termination of the contract between the contracting parties, the cancellation of the subscription on the user page under the tab “Subscriptions” applies. Providers have access to the page with their registration username and password.

The contracting parties may terminate the contract at any time and without notice by written notice to the other parties if a party grossly violates the terms of this agreement.

Article 11

The provider undertakes to pay all contractual obligations up to the date of termination of the contract. If, in the event of an advance payment, the supplier decides to terminate the contract prematurely, he shall not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid in advance. Furthermore, the Provider is not entitled to a refund of the amount already paid at the time of the active monthly subscription.

Competition and data protection

Article 12

The Administrator and the Provider undertake to protect as professional secrecy all data to which they have access in their business cooperation. Likewise, they undertake to protect all data obtained from the collaboration at least ten (10) years after the termination of the contractual relationship.

Technical customer service

Article 13

On weekdays between 09:00 and 15:00, technical support is available to providers under the “Help Requests” menu, usually provided through the Support Portal.

The administrator undertakes to consider only requests for support that are submitted via the Support Portal in the menu “Help Requests.”

Article 14

By ordering a service, the provider allows the administrator to send information, notifications, and survey questionnaires directly related to the administrator’s services to the purchaser’s email or to his cell phone indefinitely. The provider can refuse to receive these messages in writing.

Rights and duties of the administrator

Article 15

Administrator services depend on the general operation of the Internet network. On the administrator’s servers and their connection to the Internet, the administrator will do everything in his power to work continuously and smoothly.

Article 16

The Administrator agrees to perform all required maintenance within the time frame when the intended use of the server is minimal and therefore the loss of service is minimal. In the event of a planned interruption of more than 24 hours, the provider will be notified by e-mail.

The time frame and interruptions do not apply to extraordinary and urgent corrections in the system. These exceptions include fixes whose delay in implementation could have a significant impact on the security and confidentiality of data on the administrator’s servers.

Article 17

The Administrator cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss of revenue or damage caused by the improper operation of the Administrator’s services. The Administrator shall not be liable in any way for any direct or indirect loss of revenue or damage caused by the loss or damage of the Website. Disposal of the data of the provider or other parameters required for the use of the services of the administrator are caused. We make every effort to take care of our server, but we cannot guarantee unauthorized tampering or hacking, and we are not responsible for emails not received or email server errors.

Article 18

In the event of an act of the Provider or the Requester that violates the applicable Slovenian or international law, or in the event of a gross violation of the General Terms and Conditions, the Administrator has the right to terminate the provision of the Services without delay and without prior notice, regardless of the actual economic damage that might be caused to the Provider.

Article 19

The Administrator may require the Provider to withdraw or otherwise restrict or prevent access to information, services and services if they are questionable or harmful to the Administrator or violate the General Terms and Conditions and applicable Slovenian law.

The administrator has the right to exclude from use scripts and apps that overload the server or threaten server stability. Repeated exclusions may result in temporary termination of scripts execution rights and apps, and in extreme cases even termination of the package.

The Administrator does not undertake that the Services will meet the specific requirements of the Provider, that the Services will operate in a safe, fast, secure and error-free manner, that the results obtained from the Services will be accurate and reliable, that the quality of any products or other goods and services obtained through the portal will be adequate.

Provider rights and obligations

Article 20

The provider is responsible for the secrecy, protection and use of accessible passwords and user names for himself and his users. The provider is responsible for the content of the services it offers, for the protection of confidential data and for respecting general moral and ethical standards. It must also comply with the legislation in force on the publication and provision of information, service and services and is responsible for all consequences of authorised and unauthorised use of the services ordered for itself and its users.

The Provider must comply with the General Terms and Conditions of the Administrator and the applicable legislation on the publication and provision of information and services and is responsible for all consequences of authorized or unauthorized use of the ordered services of the Administrator, which appear from the agreement by a third party.

The provider undertakes to comply with the copyright regulations and ensures that all information published on the websites is not protected by copyright or copyright. is given for the use of all (for the benefit of the common good), unless the author expressly requests otherwise. You may not store unauthorized copyrighted documents (files) and programs on servers.

The provider gets access to the forwarded requests in the categories for which he has registered and for the entire selected region. The provider can decide for himself for which request he submits an offer and for which not.

Requestor rights and obligations

Article 21

The requestor agrees that his contacts will be forwarded to the providers in the area for which he is sending the enquiry.

The submission of inquiries is free of charge for the inquirers. The requestors themselves are responsible for the selection of the provider. The Administrator merely transmits requests to the appropriate vendors in the base and is not responsible for the completion of the transaction.

On the basis of the offers received from suppliers/providers, the buyer/requestor concludes the transaction directly with the selected supplier/provider.

When sending requests, personal data are processed which are important for the transmission of the requests to the provider and the preparation of an appropriate offer. The name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, region, area of enquiries and wishes and conditions of the enquirer are transmitted to the provider.

The requestor is obliged as a secret to protect all information received from the provider.

Article 22

The subscription cannot be transferred to a third party.

The Provider is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of data acquired by the Administrator (all passwords and accessible data) with which the Provider (or his employees) in your work. The provider is also obliged to take all prescribed or necessary measures to ensure that the information of the unauthorized person or not be made available to the person who could in any way be a competitor for the administrator.

The provider is obliged to protect, as secret, all data obtained by the administrator (accessible data, all acquired passwords,…), with which the provider (or his employees) becomes acquainted while performing work or in connection with work. The provider is also obliged to implement all prescribed or necessary measures so that the unauthorized person or a person who is or could be in any way in competition with the trustee.

All use of administrator services are used at your own risk.

Exclusion of the administrator’s responsibility

Article 23

The administrator is not responsible for the providers files stored on the servers and cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the direct or indirect loss of sales, profit or loss, or for any reason whatsoever. For damage caused by the malfunction of the network or the server and the loss, damage or alienation of the provider’s data.

The administrator is not responsible for the irregularity of the stored data or the loss of such data. The provider cannot obtain a copy of the data in physical or electronic form. They are used only for the administrator’s archive and in case of loss of data to restore services as quickly as possible.

Mass transmission of e-mails (SPAM)

Article 24

The mass transmission of e-mails to the addresses of recipients who have not approved them is expressly prohibited and is considered a gross violation of the General Terms and Conditions, which may lead to an immediate interruption of the supply of services. In the event of violation of the General Terms and Conditions, the Provider, who is also responsible for its users, is obliged to pay the direct and indirect economic damage or the damage incurred. Payment of damages of at least EUR 1600,00 + VAT and compensation for the actual damage to the administrator. The simultaneous sending of messages to several addressees is only permitted if the addressees expressly allow it (you have a GDPR consent) or if the addressee so wishes by registering on the so-called mailing list.

Privacy protection

Article 25

The provider and the requestor agree that the Administrator collects and processes their personal data for the purposes of its business. The administrator shall provide the provider and the requestor with undisturbed access to his personal data and the processing of his data via user pages. The administrator keeps the personnel data and data necessary for the business activity for the period specified by law. More information on data protection can be found on the data protection page (

Response time, work requirements and price surcharges

Article 26

The response time is the time that elapses between the receipt of an application for a specific work and the start of its implementation.

For works whose necessity is not expressly mentioned, “normal” necessity is applied. The estimated response time for the tasks in this group is 4-7 working days. The works are calculated according to the current price list.

The work designated by the provider as urgent, shall begin on the following working day. The application must be submitted no later than 3:00 p. m. on the current day in order to start the implementation on the following business day. For work in this group, an allowance of 50% is calculated on the current prices.

The work that is described as “very urgent” will be carried out no later than 4 hours after receipt of the application. For works from this group, a 100% allowance will be added to the applicable prices.

For services performed outside of working hours (after 3 p.m.) a 50% allowance is charged. A surcharge of 100% is charged for services that are performed after 8 p.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

For services of major upgrades in the use of the portal, the execution time is determined by the submitted offer.

Termination of work

Article 27

The termination of work for minor updates and work is possible before the start of work in writing via the support portal.

A termination of the work for major upgrades is deemed to be the termination of the entire work or a change in the period for the start of the work. In both cases, the administrator has reserved reasonable costs for the execution of the project, which cannot be shifted to other work and tasks in a short time and is therefore entitled to reasonable compensation:

  • Cancellation less than 7 days before execution: the full amount will be charged

  • Cancellation 7 to 15 days before execution: 50% of the amount will be charged

  • Cancellation 15 to 30 days before execution: 30% of the amount will be charged

  • Cancellation within 30 days prior to execution does not provide for a refund of the cancellation costs.

Databases in the portal

Article 28

The administrator assumes no responsibility for the database of the provider´s or the SMS or emails transmitted with the help of the app by the administrator. The Provider undertakes to comply with the law on electronic communications, as well as with all other laws in force in the Provider’s country.

List of recipients of e-mail and SMS messages

Article 29

By establishing communication with the Administrator, the provider and the requestor agree that the Administrator will use the information received in electronic communication with the provider and the requestor. We use communication channels to keep you informed, among other things, about news and campaigns of our products and services.

Every provider, requestor or other purchaser of e-mail lists has the option of opting out of electronic or Unsubscribe from SMS messages.

Price of received Email and SMS messages

Article 31

The User’s access to the portal, which the provider receives for use, may not be used for illegal and unauthorized purposes. By using the services of the administrator, no law may be broken from the side of the provider. The provider is solely responsible for all consequences of non-compliance with the law.

Provider’s credentials may only be used by a person (to whom a username and password has been assigned) who is also fully responsible for all content and activities on their account. In the event that the Provider wishes to grant access to the Portal to its employees, it must purchase a separate subscription for those employees. In this case, the Provider must submit a claim to assign new users to the User Account via the Support System.

Each system user is responsible for the protection of his access data (username, password, . . .) and the administrator cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by non-compliance or obligations or negligence.

The Administrator is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or extraordinary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, use of data or other non-material losses, which would arise because of the use of the Portal.

If the contract is cancelled, the user account will be automatically deactivated after 7 days. The data obtained from is not possible and cannot be transferred to another provider and cannot be obtained physically or electronically.

The administrator has the right according to his own judgement and/or for good cause, terminate or cancel the Provider’s account at any time and refuse any and all existing or continued use of this or any other Service. Such termination of the Service may result in the deletion of the Provider’s user account and the deletion of all associated content. The Administrator reserves the right to refuse to provide services to anyone for any reason at any time.

The Administrator does not review the content of the Provider’s account, but has the right (but not the obligation) in its sole judgment to reject or remove content available through the ordered services if it judges that a violation of the Terms and Conditions has occurred or is occurring, if it is a violation of the law in force.

The administrator does not check the content of the provider’s user account, but has the right (but no obligation) in his own judgment to reject or remove content that is available via the ordered services if he judges that there is a violation of the general terms and conditions exists or if it is a violation of applicable law.

Clerical error

Article 32

The provider must inform the administrator of any material defect/clerical error (along with a detailed description) within the statutory period and at the same time allow the defect to be verified.

When registering rights of defects, the provider must describe the defect precisely to the administrator in the defect notification and allow the administrator to check it. If the defect is not contested, the administrator must comply with the provider’s request as soon as possible, but at the latest within 8 days. However, if there is a conflict about the defect, the administrator must give the provider a written reply within 8 days. The warranty for material defects is 24 months.

A material defect/clerical error is:

  1. if the thing does not have the characteristics required for its normal use or for marketing;

  2. if the item does not have the characteristics required for the special use for which the buyer buys it, which the seller/provider was aware of, or should have been known;

  3. if the thing has no characteristics and merits which have been expressly or implicitly agreed or prescribed;

  4. if the seller/provider has delivered an item that does not correspond to the sample or model, unless the sample or model was only displayed for notification.

The form for reporting a material defect/clerical erros can be found HERE (The form about the material defect/clerical error). The right to enforce a material defect/clerical error, are arranged more precisely according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

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