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Piano accompaniment tracks - This is the story of how it all started

Updated: May 16, 2023

violin and piano
Piano Accompaniments

The idea of the virtual piano accompaniment came up during the Corona period. At the time when people worked from home and everything closed down. In those 2 years everything changed. No events, concerts, music schools. To put it simply, it was a difficult time for musicians too.

Music schools were also closed. You could only learn from home. It was a very difficult time. This is how our idea came about. I should mention that Marjetka works at a music school and experienced the problem very closely. That is why music schools requested us, if we could create a track for them.

Since Marjetka is a trained pianist with a university education, the opportunity arose to implement our project.

I, Tomas, work as a music producer. So a great idea of combination of musician and producer was born. All the lessons you need are recorded in our in-house recording studio with a Yamaha C7 grand piano.

I believe and am firmly convinced that many students lost interest in the instrument during this time. It is very important as a teacher to motivate children and young people to have fun and enjoy. Let's be honest, it's hard to motivate someone to play classical music.

You have lessons once a week and the rest you have to practice at home. Children aged 7-14 need joy in learning. Telling this age group "go home and learn your instrument for half an hour every day" is not the best.

Now I could write and talk a lot more but I think you know where I'm getting at. Let's take the violin as an example.

A very difficult instrument. Practicing and learning at home can be difficult, but learning at home with piano accompaniment becomes much more interesting. You learn faster and you enjoy it more. You learn an instrument with the piano. Now it doesn't matter whether during class or at home. On our website, a lesson includes 5 different versions, with metronome without metronome and different tempos.

Our advantage is that we communicate with our customers. In the case of classical music, the range of pieces of music is very large. Therefore, our goal and desire is to work with our customers to offer the best. If you need a lesson, just write to us and we will create the desired piano accompaniment. Thus, our customers are satisfied and get what they need. It's that simple!

Greet you, Tomas


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